Professional building maintenance services in Canberra

Our paint maintenance programs take the hassle out of dealing with multiple contractors. Our versatile team of painter and decorators can schedule regular inspections of your property looking for cracks and render defects, water penetration, flaking paint and many more common problems.

Regular maintenance is the key to building longevity. Our flexible payment options create affordability and allow you to maintain a fresh consistent look.

Our versatility allows us to organise and affect repairs for isolated incidents such as property insurance claims in the event of vandalism, storm, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances. We can develop a painting plan which works alongside your day to day business needs to ensure minimal disruption.

The Canberra climate is tough on your roof, cement tiles often show considerable loss of their original colour. Tiles become porous and absorb moisture, this adds weight to your roof, which leads to movement and eventually cracking and broken tiles. 

We have repaired, recapped and restored tile and Colorbond roofs for the past two decades. Whether your looking to seal a leaky roof or restore and repaint your roof we can help.

Epoxy floors are seamless, easy to clean, stain resistant and are a cost effective way to turn lifeless looking concrete into a smooth eye catching statement. Our epoxy floors come in a huge range of colours, textures and styles ideal for garage floor coatings, driveway enhancements, pool surrounds and footpaths.

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